• Corporate Travel & BCD Travel

Corporate Travel & BCD Travel

Mezoon International Travel provides businesses a range of quality travel related services to meet their travel requirements. From airfares to hotel bookings, car hire to emergency assistance and travel insurance, our spread of corporate travel management services will streamline your business travel for maximum results. We ensure that we provide you cost effective travel services offering long term savings in return. We search and compare prices across all the available airlines for a required route whilst adhering to your company's travel policy. We are specialized with “Service Level Agreements”, our specialized consultant will bring best practices to the way of travel.

We are an affiliated travel partner of BCD Travel for Sultanate of Oman. Operating throughout North America, the BCD Travel Affiliate Program is a model of innovation and excellence. A select group by design, there are more than 40 affiliates of BCD Travel with 450+ locations including Oman, totaling more than $2 billion in ARC sales alone. BCD Travel recognizes the value of a diverse client base. The Corporate Program offers a full range of travel services and amenities. We have the superior technology corporate travelers want to conveniently book their own policy-compliant travel reservations directly with your Company, impacting greater savings to your bottom line.

BCD Travel’s mega-agency status means better buying terms, higher commissions and deeper discounts.